The Weathering Microbiome

This project will define the microbial processes and species responsible for oxidation of ferrous iron (where the iron ion shares two of its electrons) and consequent weathering of iron-containing mineral aggregates.

The Tomato Microbiome in Sickness and in Health

This project will help researchers understand how the susceptibility of a plant host affects its microbiome and identify ways that the plant microbiome can be measured and manipulated to improve food safety and agricultural sustainability.

A Germ-free Mouse Facility for the UW–Madison Community

This project funds creation of a germ-free facility that will provide services for the whole UW-Madison community. It proposes a partnership with Laboratory Animal Research (LAR) within the School of Medicine and Public Health to build and manage a facility that meets the needs of the campus.

Gut Microbial Metabolism and Host Epigenetic States

Comparing “germ free” and colonized mice on defined diets, this project will explore how gut microbes alter the levels of circulating metabolites, specifically essential nutrient choline, and how these dynamic metabolites alter the host’s epigenome.